My First Ever Braidout

Hey Curlies!

As most of you know, I’ve never really been a fan of braidouts. Twists and twistouts have been my go-to style from my transitioning days. I just could never imagine why i would take extra time braiding only to have not-so defined curls the next day. The few times I tried it, something always went wrong and I ended up throwing my hair into a textured puff. Eventually, I decided that braidouts were not for me.

Fast forward to late last year, I had been wearing a full wig with a closure and underneath I had done my hair into six braids (which only worked because my hair is thin, and the braids were nice and tight). I had successfully worn the wig for almost two weeks, when on the last day of my second week I FORGOT THE WIG AT HOME!!ย Now, this isn’t the first time this has happened to me, and it serves me right for not sleeping on time or getting my stuff ready the night before. But this time, the method I had used (wearing a scarf)ย was not available. Alas, what was I to do? I had to take down the braids, to my utmost despair.

Good save, right?

Luckily, I had some Shea Moisture Smoothie in my car to aid in the take down process. So, I took each braid down with some smoothie on my fingers and fluffed up each section till there were no parts left. Would you imagine it came out flawlessly! You’d never imagine that I hadn’t planned to do the style.

Screenshot 2017-03-27 at 16.34.01
From the front
WhatsApp Image 2016-10-07 at 08.17.03
Side View

And that, my friends, is the story of how I decided that braidouts weren’t so bad after all!

What do you think?



Bleaching Natural Hair

Most if you do not know who I am. I’m the ghost that trails behind the scenes, stalking my sisters posts- usually before they happen. I’m the prodigal sister who went out to enjoy the world but is now back, begging for forgiveness. I am that girl who once had a bomb ass twist out all those years ago using flaxseed gel. I am Temi and I am not a myth.

If you follow me on the gram (which I don’t see why you wouldn’t helloooo @temilola_solesi) you would know that my hair is green and a poppin’ bright green at that. I get people all the time coming up to me asking how I got my broccoli hair. People on the train. People on the street. All of the people that I meet (but I’m not a rapper ๐Ÿ˜‚).

First things first, to get your head looking like a jolly rancher, you must bleach. GASP yeah I know. But won’t your hair break endlessly leaving you bald headed and bleary eyed at the loss of three years worth of new hair growth? Yes and no. It all depends on a lot of factors such as how healthy your hair is in the first place, how long you leave the bleach in, what volume of developer you use and how you dye your hair after the bleaching process. Impending baldness also depends on how well you prepare beforehand and so in order to prevent anyone from coming after me if their hair falls out after bleaching let me explain how to do so.

Okay preparation is easy, always bleach dirty hair (at least a week old). This seems pretty self explanatory for me because bleach on clean hair will destroy your scalp. When I say dirty, I don’t mean go and roll around in mud, but leave sufficient time between your last wash and bleaching so that there is sufficient sebum produced on your scalp and maybe even (dare I say it) a little bit of product residue to protect your scalp. The night before bleaching my hair, I put a very generous amount (I’m talking bill gates) of coconut oil in my hair and covered it with a plastic cap so that it could really soak into my follicles overnight as I have low porosity hair. These days, I would probably use a mix of coconut and castor oil because coconut oil alone doesn’t seem to do much for my hair, while castor oil would be too thick for the purpose at hand. I however used coconut oil, and still have hair on my head today.

Another thing to think about for prep is doing a skin and strand test with the bleach in order to avoid severe reactions. Speaking of reactions, you might want to check if you have any plastic equipment because metal reacts with bleach and dyes, so if not, you might want to pop to the shops.

Next up, it’s the day of bleaching, you’re feeling apprehensive (about damage) but excited at the prospect of maybe looking like an entirely different person at the end of it, effectively shocking your friends, family and haters into an instantaneous meltdown because you’re going to look fierce af. You’ve got to get up early champ, and eat a good hearty breakfast, because today is going to be a tough one. To get the ball rolling, take a few pictures with your grease saturated hair for the before and after pictures and maybe even post a cheeky selfie on your snapchat story with an ominous caption like ‘say goodbye to my hair as you know it’ with the see no evil emoji. I got all of my resources together, I had pictures and everything of all the things needed but the phone I took pictures of my first bleach job on is broken and my laptop recently crashed so I’ll just make a list:

An old t shirt
Rubber gloves
Mixing bowl
Applicator brush (if applicable)
Dye powder
30 vol developer
A rat tail comb (you can find applicator brushes which are pointy on one side for parting hair)
A clock, watch or timer
(Deep) Conditioner

And now *drum roll please*

Instructiones (is this even a real word?)

1. Put newspaper down everywhere and I mean EVERYWHERE and put on that old shirt. It’s time to get BUSY.

2. Line your hairline with Vaseline. This is to protect the skin there so if you still want edges at the end of this process, I’d advise you to heed my warnings. Also, if you’ve only sectioned of a part of your hair for bleaching, make sure you put Vaseline over the demarcation line so that the bleach doesn’t leach out to a different area of your head.

2. Apply gloves on to hands. Make sure each finger is in the right part of the glove. No messing about.

3. Mix your bleach powder with your developer. I used Jerome Russel Bblonde High Lift Powder Bleach and Bblonde Maximum Cream Peroxide 30 vol. Even though I have very thick and strong hair, I read the 40 vol developer will destroy your hair, and as someone who is too lazy to do the proper natural regiment with lots of deep conditioning and satin bonnets (as you’ll find out soon enough), I wasn’t taking any chances. Mix until both products are blended smoothly. Basically, follow the instructions on the box. The mixture usually gets a bit frothy and creamy.

4. Start at the edge of your section, if you are doing your full head then you should have already sectioned your hair into at least four parts. Apply bleach to the edge of your section using your fingers or the applicator brush, and using a rat tail comb part small sections going in the direction of the other side of the part and continue the applying the bleach. Start from the tip and go toward the scalp stopping about an inch away since hair closer to the scalp lightens faster.

5. This particular bleaching kit states that you can leave the hair anywhere from 20-90 minutes i.e. until you reach your desired colour. However, 15 minutes in, you will need to go back and do your roots stopping about 1/4 of an inch from the scalp.

6. When your desired coloured is reached, rinse the bleach out with warm water, not cold since cold water will close your cuticles, thus trapping bleach inside (at least I’d say so as it makes sense logically). Your hair will literally feel (and look) like straw and so to save those strands, shampoo with warm water to get all of the bleach out, and then condition/deep condition overnight rinsing it out in the morning with cold water to lock in the conditioner.

7. Now you’re a whole new person, so you can either tone your hair if your goal is to be blonde, dye your hair although some people recommend you wait a few days- I didn’t because I’m an independent black woman who does what she wants ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿพ (p.s why can’t my emoji have an Afro, although that’s a whole other topic) or you can let it rest for a bit and decide you’d future moves later.

Like I said earlier, I have no pictures from my first bleach attempt, but I have a few from touching up my roots. Well, I say roots, but it’s a years worth of hair ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜‚.




In the first picture, my hair is saturated in coconut oil, begging to be bleached.

The second one was taken at 1.13pm a few minutes after applying the bleach.

The third one was taken at 1.44pm seconds before I rinsed the bleach out

In this final picture, my hair has been rinsed of bleach and shampooed and I am sure that I was about to apply some conditioner or a protein treatment, I’m not sure which I did first. As you can see, my hair not only feels a bit lit straw but also looks like it. This is because for some reason, my brain told me it would be a good idea to bleach my already bleached hair again as well as my roots. Bad idea guys. However, with the proper treatment my ends did survive and thrive.

And so to avoid confusion, in the pictures, I bleached all of the hairs from root to tip, which i know now, that you should only do when bleaching for the first time. When you are bleaching your roots, simply bleach just your roots… I mean it’s sounds like common sense but for some of us (ehem, me) it’s not that common.

So take care of yourselves guys, and tell me what you want my next post to be on. Colouring? Things no one told you about bleaching you’d hair? Or being a lazy natural?

See ya. Catch ya. Later.

Temi x


Back to the Maximum Hydration Method


So it’s been a while since I followed the MHM method after having the twists, weave, more twists etc. One thing I like about the method though is that it’s nice to have a fixed regimen, I know exactly what i’m going to do and how often I need to do it. Whether I do exactly what i’m supposed to do is another thing entirely.

One thing I noticed about MHM is, my curls are always more defined than before, no matter what I did to my hair in between. I used to think that combing the hair would reverse or slow down the clumping, which it probably does to an extent but I still see better results every cycle.

After taking down my twists.
After taking down my twists.
Before the clay step
Before the clay step

My current method/products, do differ slightly than before but it doesn’t seem to have changed my hair in a major fashion. My current method is:

  • Cherry Lola: Liquid aminos, conditioner or yoghurt, honey and olive oil. I do this for at least an hour.
  • If i’m not doing the Cherry Lola I use a mix of water, conditioner and baking soda (I find that this mix is nice and slippery for detangling) rinsing immediately after the section is detangled.
  • Bentonite clay mix: about half a cup of bentonite clay mixed with aloe vera gel, olive oil, honey and conditioner. I leave this on for about 30 mins.
  • Deep conditioner: This I leave on for another 30 mins or so, sometimes the bentonite can be a bit drying so I only use this to soften it back up again.
  • Warm water, olive oil and conditioner: This mix really defines my curls and allows me to separate the clumps to create more volume whilst preventing frizz. This is a new find that i’m sticking to.
  • Gel if I find it necessary. After using the mix above, I don’t need to use gel because it stays soft for a few days, but I find gel reduces the shrinkage so I do use it sometimes.
Second to last cycle
Second to last cycle
last cycle
last cycle

The difference isn’t really that much from cycle to cycle, mainly because I don’t follow it 100% and I also don’t always use recommended products, but what it you can’t see is how much smoother the hair gets each time, or that there are less tangles than before. Also I tried using my blow dryer on cool once or twice to reduce the shrinkage, I find my hair tangles if i don’t wash it under 3 days if it’s too shrunken, the blow dryer helps with this. I don’t have pictures of after the hair dries because I’m only vain when i’m washing my hair, afterwards I seem to forget that pictures are needed haha.




New Year, New Hair: What To Do After Your Big Chop

Happy New Year to all my Curlies!!

I hope you have all gorged yourself silly during the Christmas and New Year festivities! I tried not to, but the chicken just looked too good haha. Just like millions of people all around he world, one of my main resolutions is to eat healthily and lose some of that darn tummy weight.

A few friends of mine have decided that the new year marks a new chapter of the hair journey, signified by a big chop. Most of them have transitioned for a few months or weeks and so have a cute lil fro, that isn’t hard to manage, but they have no idea how to care for. A lot of us have grownup with an African mentality when it comes to our hair, especially in regards to wash frequency, products used and de-tangling methods. By following these methods, we succeeded in making our hair low maintenance and ‘pretty looking’ but ultimately very unhealthy. This unhealthiness is a major reason a lot of us have decided to go natural, and so i’d like to shed some light on how to completely overhaul your journey and make your hair ‘easier to manage’.


Moisture is Key!

The first thing people say when they go natural is how ‘hard’ their hair is. Maybe they’re expecting soft baby curls or something but HELLO! African hair is naturally dry and the only way to soften it and make it behave the way you want to is by moisturising. Moisturising does not mean slathering various oils and creams and the like, NO it means using specific products (water based) to put the moisture in you hair, and then to keep the moisture in your hair, sealing the hair with an oil or butter. Things like oils and silicones sit on top of your hair, keeping moisture from getting out, but also stopping moisture getting in. So it’s important you ensure your hair is getting the moisture it needs and that it stays moisturised.


moisturised hair holds styles best.
moisturised hair holds styles best.

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Oh Curl Challenge Day 18: Protective Style

Hi guuysss,


been a while since I did one of these, i’ve been totally focusing on other posts like myย Max hydration journey and my Why is my Hair not growing series. I hoped you checked them out in the meantime!

Today’s pic is Protective Style, which I haven’t done a lot of in the past year, in fact I think my last one was back in May at NYSC Camp(which i still haven’t posted about, awkies!!) But here is one of my favourite styles, a wig!

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Why is my Hair Not Growing Series: Episode 3 Beginning the journey

Hi guys, this is the third episode in the WIMYNG series. This one is about hair regimens/ journals and what could be causing your hair to break off.

I wrote about creating a hair regimen in some posts I did ages ago Creating a Regimen and Creating a Regimen II In these two posts you can really get a good idea of what it is to have a routine. Some things I didn’t mention in those posts are actual ready methods that you can tweak to suit your lifestyle, because I didn’t want to speak for your hair. However, I think I have a good formula for you to follow:

Start off with cleansing/clarifying (note: if you’re co-washing you can skip to the next step). You could use a shampoo, ayurvedic herbs or a cleansing/normal conditioner for this step. As I am following the max hydration method, I use a conditioner/baking soda mix.

Next off condition/ detangle, this is the step where you could deep condition/ protein condition or which ever type of treatment you like to add to your hair eg clay and henna. If i’m planning to wash my hair in the morning I do a deep condition over night otherwise I deep condition until I can be bothered to rinse it out/I finish my chores. In my current regimen this is is where I condition, then deep condition and then do a clay rinse. This part is where you can really run wild and discover all sorts of new ways to give your hair that extra oomph!

Temi has henna on her hair

Then comes the moisturise and seal. Since I do mhm I use my conditioner as a leave in and seal with gel for a wash n go or with oil for a set style like a twist out. There are many methods of sealing LOC, LOG, LCO, LCOC etc its up to you to find out which work for you. Sometimes the method you choose may be reflective of the current products that you have on hand, So its always good to have a bit of knowledge of different methods in case you find your self stranded with just water and some groceries, lol.

This is where hair journaling comes in. Once you decide that you’re about to do something to your hair you could write down all the products you have used and write in as much detail as you like about how your hair reacted to the products you used in the combination you used them in. Sooner or later you’ll find a pattern. Maybe your hair feels drier when Glycerin is nearer the top of the ingredient list. Maybe you shed more when you use gel, and maybe you see flakes if you mix certain products together. It’s up to you to put in the work, how much do you want your hair to be healthy?

Now i’ll briefly touch on some reasons why your hair is breaking briefly before we get deep into them in the next episode.

For my own self while I was relaxed and since I have been natural these have been the biggest stealers of my length:

  • Being scissor happy (over-trimming)
  • hair being dry
  • not moisturising enough
  • being lazy
  • not detangling (thoroughly) enough
  • detangling too much
  • not protective styling
  • overmanipulation
  • leaving protective styles in too long
  • too much tension in styles
  • too much heat

And the list goes on….so many ways to lose length!! In the next episode i’ll show you how to negate all of these issues. and some health hair care practices you need in your life.

Till next time!



New YouTube Channel + Giveaway

Hello curlies, I know it’s been a while, did you miss me ๐Ÿ˜‰ i’ve been trying to post for the past week but the traffic in Lagos saps my energy, and i’m not even driving yet, but i’m still trying to put out a post a week. I’ve got some new writers on board so hopefully, that may be upped to two or three a week.

I’ve decided to create a YouTube channel, mainly because of the sheer amount of requests for demonstration of my three strand twist-out. It’s so hard to explain using just words and/or pictures, so i’ve put up a video demonstrating how I get mine to look like they do. So right now I have just one video of how I do the twists, with take-down and maintenance videos to come. However, I did realise that the quality of the video was compromised somewhere during the process of uploading the video to YouTube.
So i’m going to create a completely new video in the coming week when I wash my hair just for y’all, and when thats done, i’ll upload the take-down and maintenance videos. Until I do, you can look at my current video below: Continue reading

Oh Curl Challenge Day 14: Beautiful Braids

I have a love/hate relationship with braids. This is what i love about them:

  • I love the break from styling that it gives
  • I love the look, whether long or short
  • the versatility is amazing
  • Even with no-make-up/hobo clothes you sill look fly

And here are the reasons I don’t like braids:

  • long or small ones take long to do
  • after a few days you miss playing with your real hair
  • washing and drying is a real pain
  • the build up at the roots waiting to pull your hair out

Obviously, there are other Pros and cons which are a bit more subjective, but I think those are the main ones. Here are some pictures of my favorite braids over the past few years.

Here, I’ve taken ‘braids’ to be any type of extensions, because I hardly ever do traditional braids. I hope you saw the pics of my lil sis I added. She really needs to post, but she’s lazy! I’ll see if I can get her to this month.

And there you have it, pics of our beautiful braids.