Twist Results: Enter Yasei

Last night after putting my freshly washed hair in twists I pinned them taut to stretch them, the result was supposed to be a kind of defined afro with stretched out clumps of curls and kinks, but after I took them out, I got this:

This is the kinda ish I don't like :/
This is the kinda ish I don’t like :/

Which is a lot more than I bargained for, in Naptural85’s video she didn’t add any additional moisturisers or styling creams, and I thought that was a bit odd, but I rolled with it. The back section came out a bit like hers but with looser definition, which is strange because even though the back part is looser than the rest of my hair, it’s still probably tighter than hers. Which leads me to the conclusion that :

  1. I probably didn’t stretch the twists enough.
  2. Maybe the twists were too tight.
  3. I need to give more moisture/styling aid to the tighter curls of my head.
  4. My hair is very prone to frizz.
  5. I need to find a product to tame said frizz.

So I tried to tame the wildebeest that had just appeared on my head by adding a cute headband:

But it just got swallowed up by my hair, because the band was so thin. At my wits end I realised I had no choice  ‘when in doubt, puff it out’ a wise woman once told me (although i’m pretty sure i just made that up myself) I found an old stretched hairband and put my hair into a trusty puff:

It turned out well this time, but i’m going to have to find other ways of saving failed hairstyles. Better yet, I could just master the hairstyles themselves and then I wouldn’t need to save them. Since today’s hairstyle didn’t go well, i’m just going to try the flat twist and bantu knot out I was planning to do before this, at any rate, at least my hair is stretched, styles always come out nicer this way :D. Today’s hair had nothing to do with any kind of rest, and so I have another name for her, Yasei( Japanese for Wild (yasei)) the Japanese word for wild (can you tell i’m learning Japanese?).

Flast twist results coming your way tomorrow 😀



Box braid takedown: Enter Yasumi

It’s been almost 8 full weeks since I got these waist length box braids installed. At about 5 weeks, which is a lot later than usual, I started to get a bit itchy about letting my hair free and being able to touch and play with it again. But that happened to be right near the end of my exams, I had reached the home stretch and I couldn’t imagine spending valuable time doing my hair when I had a degree to finish! So, I threw all those urges away and focused on my exams. Soon after my exams, I was due to go on a holiday to Spain and again I fought the urge to take them out, I had a low luggage allowance (15kg!) and I couldn’t afford to use precious space and weight on my hair products.

My last hairstyle with the braids in 😦

I’m glad I kept the braids in for my trip, the maintenance was a breeze, and for some reason i felt more comfortable going into the sea with braided hair than loose hair, I don’t really know why. A reason I think I got the itch again was the whole build up fear again, especially as I had to remove some braids around my edges and experienced huuuuggggeeee fluff balls and alarming hair loss. I was kind of scared for the rest of the hair, and hoped I still had hair left. This is the amount of hair I lost during the whole washing process..

Not bad for two months!

Spain was so good! I had so much fun, so many laughs, so much sun, so much food 😀 (i like food). I really enjoyed being with my favourite girlies and it was so amazing being with them as it marked our graduation from university, so it was also tinged with a bit of sadness. Two days after I was back I started on my braids and took them down the exact same way as I did in my Kinky Twist Takedown blog post a while back. The only difference being the oil I used, to be honest I used a random mix I found in my room which probably consisted of jojoba, grapeseed and a bit of rosemary oils. Here you can really see the difference between that time and now, my hair has grown a bit in the past 6 or so months.

looks like a good two inches, yay!

I missed my one year natural length check because my hair was in braids, so instead I may do a random 15 month check or something, just because I don’t have any. And here you can see my hair calmly twisted into around 20 twists, it looks so peaceful here. Seeing this picture gave me an idea, since I don’t have a name for my hair, why not switch it up and give her a name depending on her state of being, and since my name ‘SIMI’  means rest in my native language Yoruba I thought i’d call her the Japanese word for rest, Yasumi (休み) I guess that’s her name when she’s in a protective style like the twists I have in now.

I like the scarf look 😀

So i’ve washed and deep conditioned and i’m wearing these twists to stretch my hair for a flat twist and curl i’m planning to have in tomorrow night, but I got the inspiration for this process from naptural85’s youtube channel and her results were pretty nice so I may not flat twist it just yet, i’ll show you the results tomorrow.



Exam hair:Waist length braids :D

This is sooo late, ii got these braids aaagges ago but here goes. As my final exams were fast approaching, I decided that I just didn’t have enough time to properly take care of my hair. I noticed that due to my laziness, it had already started getting more dry and knotty, and you know what? Ain’t NOBODY got time for that! So I took advantage of some hair services a received from an auction and got my hair done.

I wanted to get either braids or twists done in a style I hadn’t done before, so I went for the trend of loooonnnggggg braids that everyone seems to be rocking in the library (my current home). Now I’m a small person, only 5″1 and I was wondering whether long braids might just be a little too much and swamp me. So to counter-act the length of the braids, I asked for it not to be too full, which she achieved wonderfully. The braids are just a bit fuller than the volume of my hand, so I can pull it together without too much hassle and the longest braid ends up at my tailbone, with most braids hanging around my waist.

This has to be one of my favourite hairstyles EVER!! I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on it, and a lot of people have told me that I look really different and that they didn’t recognise me, which I’m hoping is a compliment ?!?!?!?! Any who I’m set for exams and don’t have to worry about styling for the most part.

My exam hairstyle!
My exam hairstyle!
My hair for Mum's birthday :D
My hair for Mum’s birthday 😀

Product Haul

I went to upton park with my little friend Wendy to do some ‘shopping’. My little sister had kept our leave-in conditioner and deep conditioner with her in Nigeria leaving me with…..nothing! So off to Upton Park we went.

I really was hoping to only buy these things but I kinda got distracted…..i’m definitely an unreformed product junkie 😥 this is what I bought:

  • Elasta QP Olive oil & Mango Butter Leave-In Conditioner- £2.85

  • ORS Edge Control-£2.75

  • Africa’s Best Organics Cholesterol Tea Tree Oil Conditioner-£1.85

  • Mamado 100 Percent Pure Jojoba Oil-£5.85

  • Nothing But Curl Wake Up Spray

A product thumbnail of Nothing But Curl Wake Up Spray

  • Nothing But Curly Pudding-both products for £10

A product thumbnail of Nothing But Curly Pudding

So this is what I bought. I’ll probably do a few product reviews a bit later.

Creating A Regimen

You’ve now decided to go natural or on a healthy hair journey, but you’re stumped. Where do you go from here? The next step is to create a hair regimen. A regimen is basically a rough guideline of what you do for your hair, kind of like a hair timetable. Knowing exactly what you’re going to do is really essential to getting the most out of your hair and it’ll stop you from going back to bad habits. The main points to consider are:

  • Cleanse
  • Deep Conditioning (Protein/Moisturising)
  • Moisturise
  • Detangle
  • Condition
  • Sealing
  • Frequency of above steps

So lets start with the first point.


Cleansing simply refers to how often you wash your hair and what you wash it with. You may or may not have heard of something called co-washing, which is washing with only conditioner. People (including me) do this because shampoos can be damaging and drying if used too often, how often ‘too often’ is depends on your hair and your lifestyle. Some shampoos also may have damaging ingredients such as Sodium Laureth/Laurlyl Sulfate which have been proven to cause skin irritation in some people and parabens which have been linked to cancer. I’ll do a post later in the series which shows the worst offending ingredients you should avoid. In general most people alternate between co-washing and shampooing to retain maximum moisture.


Detangling is a highly debated topic, from our youth it’s been instilled in us that the only way to get knots out is to comb them, and if they’re still stubborn? Comb them harder! Now, common sense should tell you that if you pull at something that’s slightly elastic…it’s going to break! And break is what it does, that’s why some people only have about 1-2 years worth of growth on their head at any one time. To retain as much length as possibly you need to take time detangling your hair. Patience is key! Whether you prefer to load you hair up with oil, conditioner or nothing at all be fore you start. Or whether you prefer to use a comb, brush or just your fingers, you really need to take time to gently separate all the knots and your hair will love you for it!

Deep Conditioning:

Deep conditioners give your hair life! The essence is to restore what has been lost from your hair from daily styling and just normal activities. There are two type, protein and moisturizer. Protein conditioners give your hair strength and make sure it doesn’t just break off. However, mostly a lot of protein isn’t needed and so protein treatments are not needed very often. Moisturising treatments are needed more regularly depending on the properties of your hair and how well moisturised you keep it. There is such a thing as over-moisturised hair so you need to beware. These treatments tend to be kept on the hair for a while some people say overnight or 12 hours, whilst some use heat and reduce the time they spend, either way it’s up to you and your lifestyle. Continue reading

Going Natural

So you’ve got it set in your heart to go natural…wooo! But then you stop and think, what happens now?

There are 2/3 ways to go natural:

  • The big chop
  • Transitioning: short term and long term.

The Big Chop

This is by far the quickest and some say easiest way to go fully natural. All it means is cutting off all of your relaxed ends, the minute you’re sure you want to go natural. This is the most effective way to go natural according to some of the other bloggers i’ve been following. It just means that all you have to work with is your new growth, all 1-2 inches of it. The best part about having short hair is that unlike relaxed short hair, its easy to maintain. All you need to do is wash it once a week or less and then put a little bit of moisturiser and a little bit of oil and you are ready to go! Hair time is cut to 5 minutes or less a day.

The main issue with this method is that a lot of people are scared to go that short. Some people claim that they might look like a boy or that their more undesirable features will be too apparent. Also some people may have long relaxed hair which they might not want to part with so easily. So i’d say go for this method if you like/don’t mind short styles or if you’re just a bit lazy hehe.

Solange After A BC

Continue reading

So You Want To Go Natural

The simplest definition of ‘going natural’ is simply not relaxing your hair, the term relaxing includes texturising, tex-laxing and any other process (chemical or otherwise that permanently alters the texture of your hair.

A lot of people seem to be jumping on this ‘natural wave’ but to some people it means so much more than just a fashion statement…i’m really not going to go into all the reasons why people decide to embrace their natural god given hair but its mostly to do with not conforming to what society says is beautiful and taking that matter into your own hands.

Going natural requires a lot of effort, and the journey is long and winding, but the end result is definitely better than anything you can find in a box. The natural hair journey as we naturals like to call it, is one that requires patience. Patience is  key! It is also necessary to focus on the your reasons for starting the journey and also focus on the good rather than the bad. There are seemingly so many reasons why you shouldn’t go natural:

  • I don’t want to look nappy headed!
  • I don’t have that good hair (:@)
  • It’ll cost too much in products
  • I don’t have time
  • I don’t want to have to dress/act a certain way
  • I prefer straight hair
  • I want to be able to wear weaves
  • I won’t be able to colour my hair
  • I don’t want to look like a boy

To be honest, most of the reasons here are so misguided, its irritating. If you don’t try it, you may never know whether it could suit you and your lifestyle better.

You don’t need to do it all on your own, find a supportive friend to check on your progress, or even go natural with you (like me!!!). Even if you can’t find a friend, go on YouTube, there are hundreds maybe even thousands of women (and men) that have gone natural and decided to share their journey with the world. There are also lots of blogs (including this one) that do the same. On these blogs and vlogs many tutorials and to help with any problem you may have, so there’s no reason to be stuck.

So, if I have piqued your interest in the natural hair world, stay tuned for my later posts where I introduce you fully to the world I now call home.

I Got My Hair Did!!

Some of y’all might have noticed that I got my hair did, yay me! People have been giving me compliments about how they like it and that it suits me and so i’m really happy about that. The twist I did are a lot fuller than I envisaged but I definitely like them, I can’t stop playing with it and love experimenting with various up-dos. Because they are full and about bra strap length i’m not sure I have the versatility for some of the more adventurous styles, but i’m managing just fine.

This looks kinda painful!!

I love love love these twists and they were done for me by my friend Obehi (who’s really good with natural hair) and not too expensive either so double win!. My plan to take care of them is mixing some leave-in conditioner with some water and spraying them every 3-4 days, just so it doesn’t get rough too easily. Also i’m sleeping with a silk scarf around my head to keep them neat. I plan to take them out in the next 6 weeks so i’ll wash them every 10-14 days until then, hopefully I should see just under an inch of growth. I’m so happy not to have to really do my hair every morning it means I can focus on my eyebrows instead ahahhaha! Well, here’s a few pics of them, hope you like them :D….well, even if you don’t, I do!!!

I Just Love Them!!!