My First Ever Braidout

Hey Curlies!

As most of you know, I’ve never really been a fan of braidouts. Twists and twistouts have been my go-to style from my transitioning days. I just could never imagine why i would take extra time braiding only to have not-so defined curls the next day. The few times I tried it, something always went wrong and I ended up throwing my hair into a textured puff. Eventually, I decided that braidouts were not for me.

Fast forward to late last year, I had been wearing a full wig with a closure and underneath I had done my hair into six braids (which only worked because my hair is thin, and the braids were nice and tight). I had successfully worn the wig for almost two weeks, when on the last day of my second week I FORGOT THE WIG AT HOME!! Now, this isn’t the first time this has happened to me, and it serves me right for not sleeping on time or getting my stuff ready the night before. But this time, the method I had used (wearing a scarf) was not available. Alas, what was I to do? I had to take down the braids, to my utmost despair.

Good save, right?

Luckily, I had some Shea Moisture Smoothie in my car to aid in the take down process. So, I took each braid down with some smoothie on my fingers and fluffed up each section till there were no parts left. Would you imagine it came out flawlessly! You’d never imagine that I hadn’t planned to do the style.

Screenshot 2017-03-27 at 16.34.01
From the front
WhatsApp Image 2016-10-07 at 08.17.03
Side View

And that, my friends, is the story of how I decided that braidouts weren’t so bad after all!

What do you think?



Back to the Maximum Hydration Method


So it’s been a while since I followed the MHM method after having the twists, weave, more twists etc. One thing I like about the method though is that it’s nice to have a fixed regimen, I know exactly what i’m going to do and how often I need to do it. Whether I do exactly what i’m supposed to do is another thing entirely.

One thing I noticed about MHM is, my curls are always more defined than before, no matter what I did to my hair in between. I used to think that combing the hair would reverse or slow down the clumping, which it probably does to an extent but I still see better results every cycle.

After taking down my twists.
After taking down my twists.
Before the clay step
Before the clay step

My current method/products, do differ slightly than before but it doesn’t seem to have changed my hair in a major fashion. My current method is:

  • Cherry Lola: Liquid aminos, conditioner or yoghurt, honey and olive oil. I do this for at least an hour.
  • If i’m not doing the Cherry Lola I use a mix of water, conditioner and baking soda (I find that this mix is nice and slippery for detangling) rinsing immediately after the section is detangled.
  • Bentonite clay mix: about half a cup of bentonite clay mixed with aloe vera gel, olive oil, honey and conditioner. I leave this on for about 30 mins.
  • Deep conditioner: This I leave on for another 30 mins or so, sometimes the bentonite can be a bit drying so I only use this to soften it back up again.
  • Warm water, olive oil and conditioner: This mix really defines my curls and allows me to separate the clumps to create more volume whilst preventing frizz. This is a new find that i’m sticking to.
  • Gel if I find it necessary. After using the mix above, I don’t need to use gel because it stays soft for a few days, but I find gel reduces the shrinkage so I do use it sometimes.
Second to last cycle
Second to last cycle
last cycle
last cycle

The difference isn’t really that much from cycle to cycle, mainly because I don’t follow it 100% and I also don’t always use recommended products, but what it you can’t see is how much smoother the hair gets each time, or that there are less tangles than before. Also I tried using my blow dryer on cool once or twice to reduce the shrinkage, I find my hair tangles if i don’t wash it under 3 days if it’s too shrunken, the blow dryer helps with this. I don’t have pictures of after the hair dries because I’m only vain when i’m washing my hair, afterwards I seem to forget that pictures are needed haha.




Back to basics: small twists

Hey curlies (and non curlies )

Twists and its many variations are like the poster style for every type of natural girl. You’ve got mini twists,  rope twists, flat twists,  large twists,  small twists,  the strand twists etc.

I think that the reason they’re so popular is that  they can be really simple like large twists or really intricate like flat twisted styles
So they’re perfect for the beginner whos not so good at styling yet but also for the long term naturalista who has been there done that. Twisted styles can also be considered protective styles and can  keep your hair tucked away for a few  days or even up to a few weeks.

This week, after wondering what i could do to keep my hair out of the way, i decided to do some small twists. Now, i define ‘small twists ‘ as twists smaller than your average chunky twists, but definitely larger than mini twists, think about 15-50 twists.

I’m currently in a situation where i dont have access to my normal hair products so i didnt use anything special.  But sometimes I like to be simple and not overcomplicate what I’m  doing and the results are even more satisfying.


After co-washing my hair with Elasta QP Intense conditioner,  i sprayed my hair lightly with a concentrated mix of aloe vera juice and water. Then, on the individual twisting sections,  i applied a bit of Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie and  twisted the section up into a tight two-strand twist and thats it! No fuss and no nonsense.


I actually enjoy wearing my twists in, which is why I make them small and i’ve kept them in since then, except from a small section at the front that I untwisted. First I left it as a side fringe (or a bang for my American readers) but I got caught in the rain and had to pin it into some pompadour/quiff mix, you like?




Oh Curl Challenge Day 20: Twistout

Hello there my lovelies,


Today’s challenge is for a twisout pic, which is one of my favourite styles. There are just so many to choose from, flat twists, twist n curls, two strand twists and my favourite 3 strand twists. So here you go a picture of my 3 strand twists from back in the day ;). You like?

Same day, I was just bored lol
Same day, I was just bored lol






Why is my Hair Not Growing Series: Episode 4 Retaining your length


In this episode we’re going to talk about getting rid of those hair issues and retaining your length. We do a lot of things wrong when it comes to caring for our hair, whether its natural, relaxed, under a weave or in a jheri curl.


If the various mothers in my life taught me one thing it was: you better comb all them kinks and naps out of your hair girl, or it’ll break off. Here in Nigeria it’s like a threat; relax your hair every 4 weeks or it will break off, use the smallest comb to make sure every hair is detangled or it will break off, sleep with a hairnet on or it will break off! I think the number one reason why all the ladies who ask me for advice have length retention issues is because they don’t detangle efficiently for their hair. There is no one size fits all to detangling and you have to figure out how detangled you need your hair to be and how you’re going to get it to that stage.


Products and their ingredients are something I don’t really talk about. I didn’t think they were that important at the start of my journey, but now I have recognised the superiority of the natural ingredients over the synthetic ones. Now, i’m not saying go and burn all your shop bought products and bathe in rain water (lol), but i’m saying a lot of companies fill their products with crap and claim to have the best ingredients. meanwhile it’s filled with skin irritants like sulphates, cheap fillers like mineral oil and suspected carcinogens like parabens. Before you buy anything from now on, please look at your ingredients list. Even if you understand zilch, it’s best to at least know whats in your products (including things you might be allergic to). In addition, companies claim to have ‘olive oil’, ‘argan oil’ and ‘jojoba oil’ in their product, but you only see it way down the ingredients list, meaning you’ve probably inhaled more of that product in the air than the amount currently in your bottle of product.

Styling and Manipulation

In African countries, we are very guilty of putting hair length over health. You see someone with armpit length hair, but about 3 inches of that length is stringy and see through. If you suggest a trim to that lady she’ll assume you’re a jealous enemy of her progress. Hairdressers mostly care about how something looks and not how its done. A hair dresser once started snipping the frizzy hairs from the corn rows she had just done, which were done with NO EXTENSIONS. I lost all of my front hair after a stylist fixed my weave too tightly to the braids underneath. A stylist started trying to RIP the knots out of my hair because she didn’t have the patience to detangle it properly. I understand arguing with hairdressers just adds to the struggle, but allowing them to do what they do can cause us lengthy setbacks.

Another thing is we tend to manipulate our hair way too much. A hairstyle should not need to be adjusted multiple times in the day, I don’t even believe in retwisting hair at night any more because I found that the curl pattern the next morning looked better when it was more slept in. An out style for me usually lasts 3 days with definition and after that it can only be salvaged by a puff, updo or retwisting. You should aim to only manipulate your hair twice a week excluding putting on scarves and accessories etc.


We love to blow dry our hair and tend to do so before any major style but heat is so bad for your hair. I’ve never been one for hair science, but if you think of how it feels when your burn yourself with a straightener or have the dryer on one spot too long and you can imagine how your poor hair feels. Heat basically denatures the proteins in your hair and breaks them down. This causes your hair to be more fragile, lose its curl pattern and be less co-operative with your styling regime. Blow drying and straightening isnt too harmful once in a while, but you need to make sure you have a heat protectant and do the heat styling at a low temperature. It’s also best to have your hair in a really healthy state before any heat styling.

These are the main things to consider when trying to gradually increase the health of your hair, and now onto some health hair practices you should try and begin to ensure your hair stays healthy.


If you live in a humid climate like I do then i’m just gonna say it straight. Wash your hair woman (or man)! Even if you live in an air-conditioned world the humidity is going to get to you even a little bit, and I can’t believe people will go months without washing just to preserve a style. It happens frequently here, and frankly I would like to see it stop. You NEED to wash your hair as often as logistically possible, but by no means should you not wash your hair at all for more than a month. Whichever method of washing you choose, you need to get all of the oils, stylers and other gunk out of your hair so your scalp can be clean and fresh and so your products can be effective.


Some people think treatments are for special things like birthdays and weddings, when really they should be more every other wash than every year. Protein treatments, deep conditioning, henna et al are all things you should do on a regular basis. Obviously not all will work for you and thats ok, but at least one of them will, and I think it’s necessary to give your hair an extra boost when you can. Something as small as adding a few oils to your regular conditioner and leaving it on for 20 mins can have a positive impact.

Protective styles and protection

Protective styles are kept in for longer periods of time than out styles are enable you to manipulate your hair less often. If, when you have a protective style in, you find yourself still manipulating your hair daily, you ain’t protecting nothing. A protective style can be anything from a week long updo, to a 6 week long weave.

Other things we many not know to do is protecting the hair, night scarves are an obvious example of this, but others are hats to protect from the sun and wind and hairband to protect your ends from you clothes.

This post was long!! But I hope you started to see what your regimen may be lacking, and you’ve picked up tips on how to make it better! This is the end of the theory part of the series for now! The next element I will be focusing on is an ask me segment where you can ask me any questions pertaning to any issues you may be having with your hair, and i’ll do my best to answer 😉 contact me at for any questions you may have!!

EDIT: my email address is actually my bad!!!



The Natural Hair Blog Directory

Hey there peoples,


Some of you may have noticed a flashing button to the right showing that i’m part of the  ‘Natural Hair Blog Directory’ under ‘Kinky Hair’. The Natural Hair Blog Directory is a directory of blogs created by Rae of as a way to group the email addresses of almost all the active natural hair blogs in the world. I think it’s an awesome idea, and have obviously joined.


The bloggers are grouped by the type of hair they have: wavy, curly, coil and kinky. I’ve been listed under the kinky hair category so you’ll find me there :D. So If you are a blogger I hope to see you there and if you are a natural hair enthusiast or just someone with a few hair issues I hope you can find what you’re looking for in the vast range of hair blogs.


One thing I might suggest to them though is a way to group the bloggers by either nationality or country of residence, maybe even both, i’m always searching for Nigerian bloggers because a) we’re more likely to have similar hair and b) they can tell me where they get their products from. We’ll see how that pans out.





Oh Curl Challenge Day 17: Bold Colour

Hi all,

Quick post here on the challenge of the day which is ‘bold colour’. I’ve decided that even if my sister won’t get off her lazy bum to post, i’l post a pic of her anyways *evil laugh*. I think she bleached her hair and dyed it three times before it got this colour…so yeah… not the best for hair health but, you know. life’s too short!





Shhhh don’t tell her I showed you!



Heat damage!!!!

This post is from the author behind

My letter to the straightener

Dear straightener,

Why did you have to be so addictive? It all started when exams were over, we had one finally week to party hard before our lives as freshers were over. I decided that this week I was going to make a huge effort with my appearance especially my hair(big mistake). Everyday for 4 days I straightened and curled my natural locks (without heat protection)to give it some edge for the upcoming events.

I’m not going to lie I absolutely loved the way it turned out but I wasn’t going to be smiling for long.
As the week came to an end so did my parade and I decided it was time for a deep condition, THEN IT HIT ME.
After the whole deep condition treatment I realised that my hair wasn’t it’s usual “springy” self even though I’m a 4 c. I was happy to see that most of my hair retained it’s natural curl until I saw that there were some prominent parts that looked relaxed. I started to panic.

I eventually stumbled upon some YouTube videos hoping and praying for an answer and luckiy enough I found a protein treatment video. Due to my laziness I couldn’t be bothered to go out and buy anything for my protein treatment formula so I decided to “work with what I had” ( which was a mix of natural yogurt, shear butter, aloe Vera juice and an egg).
I left the mixture on my hair over night and washed it of in the morning and then deep conditioned it again (Dr miracles deep conditioner btw).

Just like magic some of my hair had started to regain it’s bounce and I was honestly over the moon ( I definitely wasn’t going to start this natural journey again). Thank you straightener for all you have taught me and in this case experience is the best teacher.

Many thanks for reading this and hope it helps you


P.s I still need to do a few more treatments before I can see “near to perfect” results but I’m willing to wait.