Twist Out Triumph

helllloooooo home skillets :D. sooo this is my first post and im sooooo excited. you know why? Becasuse I got the most amazing twist out EVER!!!!. Its actually..booom. how did I do it? One product, FLAXSEED GEL – homemade if I may add. Soo we’ve been looking for flaxseed for ages and yesterday we went to Holland & Barret because we hadn’t fount it anywhere else.

We didnt find any ‘flaxseed’ but as we were leaving the store,I spotted some linseed. My sister didn’t know they were he same thing *smh*. I’m sure she’s seen like tons of linseed but she was looking specifically for flaxseed *excuse me while I face palm* lol. so anyways… we um bought it for like £3.50 (ikr) and got home.

Our first flaxseed attempt didn’t really go to plan, but it was still okay but i’m not gonna post the recipe for it yet, sorry guys :'(. but anyway. I kinda experimented with coconut milk and some other things and used it as a DC (yes my sister thinks she is a ‘mixtress’) and left it for about 30 minutes.

My hair was soooo soft but I want my sister to try it out first before I post it because we don’t post untried and untested mixtures up in here. Anyhoodles, when it was damp my sister twisted it for me using the Hawaiian silky leave in conditioner with grapeseed oil to seal. She also used shea butter on my scalp and flaxseed gel on top of each section of hair before twisting. I had abut 35 twists in and I wrapped it and went to bed.

When I got up, well when I decided to do my hair, I put shea butter on my fingers to prevent friction when unravelling my twists. I didn’t separate them at all but a few got separated by mistake as I thought they were twists. I re-twisted those ones and put a bit of water on them. when i took them out again. They were better 🙂 i had two flat twists in front and i took them out and put a bit of flaxseed gel on my edges *hey*. on my way out. I put in my favourite Alice band with a bow…

peace, love and food

Temi 🙂 xx

ps. im fourteen and my hair is about an inch shorter than simi’s

by the way…it looked a LOT better in real life and this was in december ’12

my flat twist :)
my flat twist 🙂

my twists

my twistout
my twistout

Hairstyles for transitioners

One of the main problems with transitioning is the obvious difference in textures, the natural hair tends to be darker and curlier and the relaxed hair tends to be lighter and straighter. So the best hairstyles for transitioners are those that disguise the difference in curl pattern.

Exhibit A- Bantu knot out

To do a bantu knot out is fairly simple once you get the bantu technique right. You part the hair into medium to small sections depending on your hair length. With each section you twist the hair round and round itself until it stays put. You can do this on wet or dry hair and for maximum results its better to sleep with the knots overnight, or if you did it wet, wait till the hair dries.

Then you gently unravel the knots, separating them until you have a light fluffy, curly fro:

Exhibit B- Braid out

It’s as easy as it sounds, braid your hair into 5-30 sections depending on your length, thickness, and desired style. You can either do this on wet, damp or dry hair. Leave it to dry/overnight and un-braid in the morning and voila! Braid out!

Exhibit C- Twist out/Flat twist out

Exactly the same as the braid out, except you can have purely flat twists, two strand twists, or a combination of the two.

Exhibit-D Flat twists

In this style, instead of taking the twists out you flat twist the hair into a lovely little style and leave them in for everyone to admire/drool over.

And there you have it, 4/5 different styles for transitioners or naturals. Aren’t those flats twists gorgeous?



Product Review: Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Edge Control

This one of the products I purchased from my latest product haul, it’s basically an extra strong hair gel used to slick back the edges of your hair giving a sleek look.

On the label it says: Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Edge Control is perfect for control of your edges! This non-sticky, non-greasy formula allows for an excellent hold without hardening your hair.

I’m not going to display the ingredients here but the only ones of concern for me are the fact the ‘parfum’ is in the middle of the list whereas I would prefer it nearer the bottom, and the product contains parabens :/. See parabens are an iffy subject, there are claims they they are in fact carcinogens but I would rather have conrete proof before going on a witch while it’s not a deal breaker, it does make me think twice.

I tried the product on my hair yesterday to slick back my baby hairs which are quite short and curly , and just happen to chill on my forehead. It has a thick, non-greasy consistency and requires a little effot to get it out of the tub. All I did was get some and gently smooth it onto my hair, continuing the smoothing motion until it was as flat as I desired. And this was the finished product:


It didn’t keep the same hold throughout the day, but the edges were still somewhat slicked back in the evening:


After using this product a few times, I noticed that sometimes if you have other products in your hair it can cause a white residue, and that it builds up easily, so you may have to wash your hair more frequently, depending on your current schedule.

All in all i’d give this product 3.5/5.